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    Shums Coda Associates
Shums - (noun): 1. Sun; 2. light; 3. brilliance; 4. knowledge

Coda - (noun): 1. final section of musical piece - a final section that adds dramatic energy to the work as a whole, usually through intensified rhythmic activity; 2. extra text - an additional section at the end of a text, for example, a literary work or speech that gives additional information.

Shums Coda Associates is a seasoned group of professionals that provide Fire and Life-Safety, Structural, Civil/Accessibility, Mechanical, Electrical, and Energy Efficiency plan review services to jurisdictions and government clients throughout the Western United States.
We have come together as SCA to implement a corporate mission that focuses on providing exceptional customer service to our clients. We specifically tailor our services to the unique needs of each jurisdiction, client, or project and we assign personnel with experience that accurately address those needs. Our services are ideally suited to actively participate and review this project where our extensive knowledge in complex construction techniques and code requirements can be fully utilized to save cost and time.

By proactively identifying problematic issues and suggesting alternative methods to resolve design or construction issues the project can maintain its goals and remain code compliant.