CALBO Annual Conference and Mini – Education Week

California Building Officials is hosting the 2021 CALBO Summer Conference and Mini-Education Week will serve as the annual gathering from May 16-21, 2021. A variety of programs and trainings will be offered throughout the week.

AZBO – 2021 Means of Egress

2021 IBC Means of Egress This class is a basic overview of the means of egress requirements of Chapter 10 of the IBC. The presentation will include detailed discussion on the design of the means of egress in buildings. Subjects included in the class are the three parts of the mans of egress including occupant …

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Effective Leadership Skills

This program focuses on methods designed to build strong teams. The class is designed for staff members, Leaders, and managers. Elements and techniques designed to assist the managers in communicating with staff and understanding how to use evaluations of employees as a team builder. Learning your strengths as a leader and how to be an …

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Commercial Lighting Controls and Daylighting

Ever wondered when a window and skylight is considered daylighting.  What are some of the controls we should be seeing for our commercial lighting?  What do we need to know about commercial lighting?  Join us to find out. Instructor: Gil Rossmiller Disclaimer: This class is exclusive for Xcel Energy Members Register:

2021 International Residential Code Significant Changes

Description: Explores the major revisions and provisions of the most current code year of the International Residential Code. The presentation includes detailed discussions of the provisions addressing the following issues: building planning; foundation, floor, wall, and roof construction; exterior wall finishes; and roofing systems. The class is designed to introduce the provisions of the code. …

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Permit Technicians Counter Front

The class focus provides an introductory understanding of Chapters 1 and 2 of the IRC/CRC. The SCOPE and Application, Liability, IRC Appendix Chapters, Legal Aspects, types of Municipalities and how their powers affect our jobs, vested rights of a permit, the 4th amendment and permits, Color of Statute. And much – much – more. The …

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2021 IBC Use of Fire and Smoke Separations

Description: This seminar identifies the many and varied conditions identified in the IBC where fire and/or smoke separations are required. The discussion will focus on those required locations where fire-resistance-rated wall and horizontal assemblies, as well as smoke-resistive wall and horizontal assemblies, are either required by the 2021 IBC or utilized by design professionals as …

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2021 IBC Types of Construction Classification and Application

Description: Together with occupancy classification, one of the most critical steps in analyzing a building for code compliance is classifying it for type of construction purposes. This seminar will address the two distinct aspects of construction type: 1) determination of the appropriate types of construction based on building occupancy, height and area, and 2) identification …

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Fundamentals of the I-Codes and Exam Preparation for the Permit Technicians | Day 1

Description: This course will provide an overview of the topics and materials needed to be prepared for the Permit Technicians Exam. It will also provide the students with more knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform their jobs in code administration: topics to include Legal aspects, code language, code enforcement, reading construction documents, performing plan …

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Basic Commercial Plan Review

Description: This seminar explains the process of conducting a plan review for small/medium-sized commercial projects. It will cover all aspects of the building and touch on MEP requirements for commercial projects. The class will provide students with formats, process and understanding of how to conduct a commercial plan review. Instructor: Bill Clayton – Shums Coda …

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