Google Headquarters

Google Headquarters

Mountain View, CA

As Google continues to expand its workforce, so has there been the need for additional office space. To date, we have completed plan reviews on nearly one dozen existing buildings of one, two and three stories, with major renovations to accommodate the new high-tech office uses associated with the Google service lines. Most of the structures have included major renovations to exiting systems, as well as installations of A-3 occupancy “Tech Talk” Cafes and complete A-2.1 assembly area Cafeteria upgrades. As Google continues to expand the boundaries of their present campus, we continue to provide additional plan review services.



Fremont, CA

Mr. Basinger served as Acting Building Official and Acting Plan Check Manager, while both positions were vacant. One of the main assigned duties was to manage all plan reviews being undertaken by Tesla within the City, as well as a weekly meeting were one-stop/over-the-counter reviews could be completed, or discuss upcoming projects and coordinate City department concerns. Although the Building Official position was recently filled, Mr. Basinger continues to manage numerous Tesla projects and special events. Over the course of the past year the projects have included the North Paint T.I., North Paint Expansion, 901 Page (Seats Manufacturing, High-pile product storage racks and offices – also site of special Model X temporary event permit), Kato/Westcore (new building/T.I.), Spinnaker (New parts building), and weekly plan review/meetings (approximately 400 permits completed – 95% approved directly at the meetings).



Redwood City, CA

SCA performed the plan review of this project, both shell and tenant improvements, the largest office project planned for Redwood City’s downtown area.  The 300,000 sq. ft. development boasts a planned LEED Gold rating, views of the bay and peninsula hillside, parking for over 900, and 5,000 sq. ft. of retail or restaurant space.


Microsoft Campus

Mountain View, CA

Project consisted of the construction of five separate two-story structures, arranged in a manner to create a corporate campus in the heart of Silicon Valley. The majority of the space houses general office and conference centers, with the main building providing the centralized dining and conference center that were A-2.1 occupancy uses.