DeVries Senior Housing, Milpitas, CA

DeVries Senior Housing

Milpitas, CA

This project consisted of three stories of residential senior apartments (type V-1 Hour construction type) on top of a first floor parking garage. The parking structure was type I construction, with the manager’s apartment unit/office and assembly area community rooms within the first floor structure. The upper floors were primarily residential, but encompassed a large courtyard and roof deck for use by the tenants. The entire project had an enclosed useable floor area of 111,164-sq. ft., but there was an additional 3,776-sq. ft. second floor courtyard, and a 716-sq. ft. roof deck area.



East and West Milpitas, CA

The project site near the Great Mall in Milpitas consists of two separate parking structures that are completely surrounded by large scale multi-family apartment/condominiums. The parking structure on the East portion of the project consisted of 169,220-sq. ft. of four-story, type V-1 Hour constructed apartment/condominiums, with an additional 5,000-sq. ft. of office and community use rooms. These circled a four-story S-4 parking structure of type I construction previously reviewed by others, but with the unusual wrinkle of the parking access traveling through the residential construction via alternative materials and methods of construction. The West complex is much larger at 437,185-sq. ft. and is five-stories tall of type III-1 Hour construction, again located around a parking structure to be reviewed separately. As each of these projects is comprised of smaller buildings for allowable area purposes, there are numerous issues related to area separation walls, exiting and disabled access.



Milpitas, CA

This project is a large-scale, neighborhood development, comprised of nineteen separate three-story apartment/condominium structures with basement parking. The buildings are primarily 3-, 6- and 9-unit buildings and incorporate the recent SB1025 changes to accessibility within the complex. There is also a community recreation building and pool that we have approved ahead of the residential units. Total area of construction consists of 234,391-sq. ft. of residential, with 79,932-sq. ft. of U-1 basement parking, all in type V-1 Hour construction.


Fairway Ranch

Dublin, CA

Fairway Ranch is a large-scale, multi-use residential apartment complex, comprised of three separate site-structures. One site was dedicated to a three-story residential apartment complex for seniors located over a below grade parking structure. The second site was a four-story, at grade apartment/condominium structure. And the third site building, the largest of the group, comprised of a four-story at grade apartment structure, that wrapped around a three-story parking structure, and included some minor retail, office and community structures. The project created particular challenges specific to assumed property lines and overall site disabled access.


800 High Street

Palo Alto, CA

This project was a large scale (94,854-sq. ft.), four-story residential structure, with an additional 1,250-sq. ft. of mixed-use retail and office space. These uses were constructed on a 92,000-sq. ft. parking structure. Significant in this project was the use of newly certified steel structural connectors that required additional analysis and justification for use in the high seismic zone of the Bay Area.


Mansion Grove South

Santa Clara, CA

Mansion Grove consisted of a 264 unit residential complex constructed over concrete parking garage. The residential portion of the project was 332,228-sq. ft. of living area, with an additional 7,382-sq. ft. of general assembly use. The parking structure was approximately 158,800-sq.ft. Recently, SCA has begun a third-party plan review of seven additional residential buildings, each located above a single-story parking/podium type structure. This review included a complete civil review of site related grading and drainage issue changes, as well as utility connections and modifications to entries into two existing structures.


The Lane on the Boulevard

Redwood City, CA

The Lane on the Boulevard at 2580 El Camino Real in Redwood City developed by the Urban Housing Group and Summerhill Apartment Communities is a 114 unit market rate transit oriented residential rental project on a 2.1 acre site.


333 Main Street

Redwood City, CA

333 Main Street is a for rent 132 unit residential project in Redwood City with four stories and subterranean parking.  It is a joint venture between the Sares – Regis group of Northern California and JP Morgan Asset Management.


The Radius Apartment

Redwood City, CA

The Radius Apartments is a 264 unit luxury wood framed apartment community 5 ½ stories tall located in Redwood City with underground parking located at 640 Veterans Blvd. in Redwood City. It has a dramatic architectural steel canopy extending over a private road entrance forming a visual gateway up to the landscaped podium decks.


145 Monroe

Redwood City, CA

145 Monroe is a 6 level multi-family residential building located in Redwood City containing 305 for rent apartments with one-level of partially subterranean parking and one level of above grade parking.