About Us

Our Story

Shums Coda Associates was established on March 28, 2006, on the principal of providing code consulting services to municipalities. Founded by licensed building professionals with over 25 years of jurisdictional code consulting experience, our goal has always been to elevate and customize SCA’s services to be a tailored to the needs of each unique client. Our core services are building/fire life-safety code reviews, inspections, administrative staffing, code training/ education and elevator inspections. SCA educates, reviews and inspects all facets of design construction related to code minimums and local amendments, such as: architectural, egress, accessibility, structural, fire-safety, energy, green building, mechanical, electrical and plumbing. From our humble beginnings in a 700-sq. ft. office and a couple of clients, we have grown to multiple regional offices in five States, and contracts throughout the Nation. Even through a recession, and now a year’s long pandemic, we remain committed to what has made this growth possible: providing superior code expertise, on-time delivery of services, and the cost-effectiveness for clients in expediting the overall time need to complete development projects.

From our inception, SCA has been comprised of licensed architects, engineers, contractors and I.C.C. Certified personnel that have a wealth of code knowledge and experience in design or construction related fields.

SCA believes that an understanding of how buildings are designed and constructed is an important element to providing effective code consultation that is based on the realities of practical construction.

Commitment to Code

SCA preaches this to our staff and encourages continuing involvement with tri-annual code change processes, as well as education (through teaching or self-improvement), to maintain our understanding of ever-changing code minimums. Depending on the code section, there can be a great deal of interpretation applied to how requirements are enforced, so SCA staff continues to find value in learning the history and intent of code language to assist with accurately applying it to our reviews, inspections and class offerings.

Shums Coda Associates takes this commitment to code content further, as we continue to expand our involvement in various code training and education offerings. For example, SCA staff continues to provide leadership, educators and sponsorship to code training such as the EduCode training presented by SNICC in Las Vegas, Colorado Chapter Educational Institute, bi-annual Arizona Education Weeks that are offered through AZBO, CALBO Education weeks, UABO training events in Utah, and the Sacramento Valley Association of Building Officials Code Minstitute classes. SCA offers specialized training and virtual instructions through ICC Chapters, AIA and municipalities across the country. Our belief is that code should be understood by our staff to a level where they can explain to our clients, the how and why it applies to a specific project. We strive to meet this level with our reviews and inspections, and in some instances, we can even offer online, or in-person training, to improve that code understanding.

CCC Joins SCA!

Over the years, Shums Coda Associates and Colorado Code Consulting have both developed a reputation for providing superior services to the Building and Fire Life-Safety community. Bringing both firms together in a single corporation was the natural progression needed to expand a shared philosophy of creating customized Code related services to jurisdictional clients throughout the Country. With our efforts now combined, we are enhancing the already well-known Code training offerings, and improving methods to deliver technical expertise on all fronts with more staff. We are excited to share the new opportunities this merger will bring to our current and future clients.