Construction Consultation Services

We tailor our services to the unique needs of each client, and assign personnel with experience that accurately addresses those needs. 

Excellent Customer Service

Shums Coda Associates strives to provide the highest caliber of customer service possible. As we have a highly qualified and experienced staff, we expect our plan review and inspection services to be technically superior and able to cite applicable code sections for reference to all information requested. We strongly encourage feedback on each project, as it greatly improves our abilities to expeditiously customize our services to match the jurisdiction’s requirements. We actively search for this direct and open communication about our services by periodically establishing meetings, phone conversations or electronic mail to discuss our services directly with City’s staff members. As always, the margin of error between good and great plan review and inspection services is small, but the ability to communicate with our clients allows us to stay current with client driven issues.

We Value Long-Term Relationships

It is equally important for Shums Coda Associates to be a long-term partner with the Building Departments and their clients. There is always a great deal of pressure related to the building process; as consultants, we understand that our role can be instrumental in the public perception of jurisdictional effectiveness, and ultimately a gauge for our inclusion in the development process. We strive to provide services that are considered seamless and counted as a valuable extension of the actual building staff. However, this trust must be earned through each and every interaction we have with clients and the public, and then tested over time. Therefore, we take the approach that all of our services contribute to a long-term relationship that will change with the expectations and needs of each jurisdiction or project. Shums Coda Associates is not fixated on the present, but rather focused on reaching the future horizon together with our clients.