Tailor Made Review Services

Our services are focused on civil, building and fire code plan review services, and can be tailored to fit each jurisdiction or client’s requirements. Plan reviews are typically completed at a percentage of the jurisdiction’s collected review fees, or as negotiated for developer/client projects. Typical first review cycles are completed in two weeks (ten working days), but larger/complex projects may require longer turnaround times that are often negotiated to match construction schedules. Second and third review cycles are included in percentage based fee, but if more reviews are required additional fees would be charged according to a mutually agreed upon hourly rate schedule. Our services are such that we can often adjust to account for unusual construction requirements, such as phased permitting (i.e., foundation only, shell/core only, etc.).

On-Site Staff for Building Departments

In addition to jurisdictional work, a good portion of our revenue comes from Architects, Engineers who contact us for 3rd party work to expedite their project rather than bring it directly to the City.

Speeding up the Approval Process

The advantage that Shums Coda brings is that we can speed up the approval process.

The quicker the project is approved the quicker the project can start thus the more money the client saves as the project comes on line sooner. In most instances Shums coda has personnel working within the building department so they can better understand what the city is looking for and therefore we can address any project’s issues before the plans get to the City. This is accomplished by pre-submittal meetings and close interaction in the development phase, so the final plans are approved faster.