Google – Charleston East

Google’s first out of the ground/new building in Mountain View was the Charleston East building, located adjacent to their main campus/headquarters. This type II-B construction was a full-basement (below the flood plain), with two-stories above grade and a tubular steel suspension structure that is 165-ft. at the middle of the roof. The unique design utilized several AMMR’s, most notably the ASCE 41 and LA Basin Tall Building Codes to analyze the seismic stability of the roof and column structure. The final building is nearly 1 million square feet of Group B, A-2, A-3, S-1 and S-2, with a public paseo through the center of the building. The roof structure is entirely a PV system array, on a bent-plate roofing material.

Project Type: Commercial/Campus
Service Provided: Building Plan Review
Location: Mountain View, CA