Google Headquarters

As Google continues to expand its workforce, so has there been the need for additional office space. To date, we have completed plan reviews on over forty existing mid-rise buildings (one to five stories), with major renovations to accommodate the new high-tech office uses associated with the Google service lines. Most of the structures have included major renovations to exiting systems, as well as installations of A-2 and A-3 assembly occupancies, and recent lab space renovations. SCA also reviewed one of the largest free-standing photovoltaic carport structures (over numerous sites). As Google has purchased many of the building sites in the North Bayshore area of Mountain View, many of these full tenant improvements have occurred in buildings that were reviewed (when new construction) by SCA staff. As Google continues to expand the boundaries of their present campus, we continue to provide additional plan review services.

Project Type: Energy/Green Building
Service Provided: Building Plan Review
Location: Mountain View, CA