SCA has provided Mr. Basinger as Acting Building Official and Acting Plan Check Manager, while both positions were vacant. One of the main assigned duties was to manage all plan reviews being undertaken by Tesla within the City, as well as a weekly meeting were one-stop/over-the-counter reviews could be completed or discuss upcoming projects and coordinate City department concerns. Although the Building Official position was filled, Mr. Basinger continued to manage numerous Tesla projects and special events. Over the course of a year, projects have included the North Paint T.I., North Paint Expansion, 901 Page (Seats Manufacturing, High-pile product storage racks and offices – also site of special Model X temporary event permit), Kato/Westcore (new building/T.I.), Spinnaker (New parts building), and weekly plan review/meetings (approximately 400 permits completed – 95% approved directly at the meetings).

Project Type: Commercial/Campus
Service Provided: Building Plan Review
Location: Fremont, CA